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Middle Deschutes Pesticide Stewardship Partnership

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Connecting our community with the knowledge and technical support needed to reduce pesticide appearance in natural waters. 

The Oregon Pesticide Stewardship Partnership Program began nearly two decades before coming to the Middle Deschutes Watershed. Though primarily focused on watersheds with heavy agricultural use, the diversity of watershed served range in land use, geology, pesticides* use, and climate. The program provides a non-regulatory, voluntary approach to reduce the apprearance of pesticides in natural waters using community outreach, education, and engagement. 

*Pesticides inclusively refers to pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides.


The Middle Deschutes Pesticide Stewardship Partnership

The Middle Deschutes Pesticide Stewardship Partnership (PSP) was official established in 2019 to explore pesticide appearance within Campbell Creek, the Culver Drain, and Mud Springs Creek. These drainages receive some combination of water from natural springs, precipitation, and discharge from irrigated agriculture before eventually connecting with the Middle Deschutes River. 

The Middle Deschutes PSP does monitor water quality to identify concerns, track successes, and adapt its approach to community education and engagement. And even though the program is non-regulatory by definition, and we still limit how the data is seen or shared to maintain our community's trust. 


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  The Strategic Plan

It's time to take what we have learned and develop a targeted, community-based plan to reduce pesticides in the Middle Deschutes. We call this plan: the Strategic Plan.

The construction of the Strategic Plan will consider data such as water quality, land use, and regional hydrology to develop goals and tools to approach pesticide appearance in the natural drainages.

The Advisory Council to contruct the Strategic Plan is open to the public. Please go to our PSP Strategic Plan Advisory Council page for more information on meetings and progress. 


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