Stream Restoration

Trout Creek, 2005
Trout Creek, 2017
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The photos above show the results of a project that restored riparian vegetation to a stretch of Trout Creek in Jefferson County. In 2004, the Jefferson SWCD and Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife began a berm removal and channel reconstruction project along Trout Creek in order to improve habitat for ESA-listed summer steelhead populations. After removing old USACE berms, constructing a new channel, and shaping the floodplain within the project sites along Trout Creek, riparian buffers were enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) to be protected from grazing and planted with native grasses, shrubs, and trees. In total, the project added nearly a mile and a half of stream length to this portion of Trout Creek and protected 250 acres of riparian buffer. The changes in habitat are dramatic!

The benefits of streamside vegetation:

  • Shades water

  • Stabilizes streambanks

  • Filters bacteria, nutrients, and sediment out of overland flows

  • Helps increase late summer stream flows

  • Provides fish and wildlife habitat

  • Provides excellent livestock forage


Area Rules require agricultural activities to allow streamside vegetation to establish and develop for streambank stability, stream shading, and filtration of sediment and other pollutants.

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