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Irrigation Water Management

We assist with irrigation efficiency upgrades.
The wise use of water is one of our highest conservation priorities in Jefferson County.

Efficient irrigation improves the Jefferson County economy by ensuring that enough water is available for producers. It also helps support fish and wildlife habitat.

More Information

To improve irrigation efficiency on your farm, you must: 

Know Your Crop Water Needs
Understand the amount of water that your crop needs and uses from the soil profile each day and throughout each phase of your crop’s life cycle.

Know Your Soils
Understood your soil's water holding capacity and intake rate.

Know Your Water 
Knowing the actual flow of water being delivered to your field is critical for irrigating efficently. If you know the volume of water that needs to be delivered and the salinity and flow rate of the water being delivered, it is easy to determine how long to irrigate.

Know Your Field 
It is important to know your field configuration. Knowing the slope & length of the field and row spacing for your crops helps determine the depth and proper rate of water to apply per furrow or border. 

Example Projects

​Past projects of ours include but are not limited to:

  • Converting from Flood to Pivot Irrigation 
  • Installing bump back systems to reuse water on your property
  • Updating outdated irrigation systems 
  • Installing piping projects to prevent irrigation seepage 
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