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Managing for Drought

Agriculture drives Jefferson County's culture, economy, and land conditions.  How can agriculture stay viable as temperatures rise while water supplies decrease and becomes more erratic?  The SWCD is facilitiating a diverse group of over 40 members to develop a long-range plan to help agriculture thrive in spite of these challenges.  Come join us!

Our Vision: Jefferson County agriculture will thrive by adapting successfully to drought, and will support its people, animals, economy, environment, and culture.

Our Mission: to help agriculture create a sustainable, livable future for Jefferson County by adapting successfully to drought with support from Deschutes Basin stakeholders. We promote innovative solutions to proactively improve watershed health and increase the effective management of water.

Our Members:  landowners, agricultural businesses, North Unit Irrigation District, Oregon State University (OSU) and other technical specialists, and other interested parties are all part of the process

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Contact Ellen at or call 541-771-8258.

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Winter wheat planted as a cover crop to prevent soil erosion




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