Does a stream or creek run through your property?

No stream is too small or insignificant for us

to devote our expertise towards restoring.

We can assist with minor to major stream restoration projects such as:

stream reconstruction, planting stream-side vegetation, preventing

livestock from diminishing sensitive areas, and more.

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Since Euro-American settlement of the area in the 1800s, riparian area quality in this region of central Oregon has greatly declined.


Riparian areas have lost significant amounts of woody vegetation due largely to outdated grazing, logging, stream channelization, berm installation and agricultural pressures.


We strive to promote the most sustainable practices to incorporate systems where both the producer and their streams can thrive.


We can provide funding to help plan and implement your restoration project! 


​Past projects include but are not limited to:

  • Stream reconstruction, to re-meander creeks to their historic channel 

  • Planting stream-side vegetation to stabilize banks

  • Terrace incised and eroded streams banks to promote soil stability

  • The installation of fencing & water gaps to prevent livestock from diminishing sensitive riparian areas

  • The installation of Beaver Dam Analogs, a temporary artificial dam that promotes water retention and sediment filtration



Another great resource for stream restoration is the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program. 

The Oregon Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) was established in 1998 in partnership between the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the State of Oregon.


Its purpose is to work with agricultural landowners to establish riparian vegetation along streams, protecting water quality, and restoring fish and wildlife habitat.