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We are here to provide professional expertise

and technical assistance in all aspects of conservation. 

Whether you wish to improve crop yields, pasture production,

retain topsoil, control noxious weeds, restore your waterway

or restore fish and wildlife habitat, we’re here to help you reach your goals.


There’s funding out there to help you improve your land.

We’ll help you attain those funds. 

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We serve to assist in irrigation efficiency upgrades. Conserving agricultural irrigation water within the junior rights holder of North Unit Irrigation District is a critical component of how we address water quantity issues. 

By implementing efficient irrigation systems, we improve the Jefferson County agronomic economy at large by ensuring that enough water is available for both producers and the surrounding fish & wildlife. 



Although often overlooked, the health of Jefferson County soil’s is one of our top priority here at the district.


We can provide expertise and technical assistance with cover cropping, implementing no-till practices, developing soil biology, western juniper removal, native grass seeding and much more. Inquire with us to find out more. 

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No stream is too small or insignificant for us to devote our expertise towards restoring. We can assist with minor to major stream restoration projects.


Past projects include stream reconstruction, planting stream-side vegetation to stabilize banks, terracing incised streams, and installing fencing to prevent livestock from diminishing sensitive riparian areas. 



Noxious weeds are plants listed by the county as a menace to public welfare. Usually non-native to the area, they are proficient at out-competing native vegetation and cash crops for resources. Causing destruction for farmers, ranchers, and our native ecosystem. 

It is the responsibility of landowners to control the noxious weeds on their property. Although a challenging task, we can provide technical assistance, treatment expertise and grant funds to pay for the required needs to eradicate noxious weeds. 

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